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Artistic photographer and writer


Born in Denmark in 1981





Book: Female Beauty - Min fotokunst


Impact on culture


Quotes from the media


List of articles


Nytorv square, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Female Beauty - Celebration of the Feminine”

1-31 March 2019


Femi Festival

Odense ungdomshus

1-3 marts 2019

Triptych Art Gallery, Kiev, Ukraine

“Female Beauty in Ukraine”

March 2018


Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

Female Beauty

October 24th 2017


Hjørring Public Library, North of Jutland, Denmark

“Female Beauty”

September 2017


Marieholm Yllefabriken, Blekinge, Sweden

“Female Beauty - Nude in the Public Space"

July 2017


National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine

“Female Beauty - Ukrainian Art Week”

17-22 may 2017


“Female Beauty - Nude in the public space”​ - Nytorv, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Large public exhibition with 50 meters long and 2.2 m high photos from the Female Beauty project, sponsored by Canon and others.

July and August, 2016.

“Female Beauty - Nude in the public space”​ - Frederiksberg (Copenhagen), Denmark.

August and September 2016

Galleri Valdemar, Sæby, Denmark

“Female Beauty”

November 2015.

Gallopperiet at Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Female Beauty”

May 2015.

Exhibition Illutron Art Boat, Refshaleøen, Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Female Beauty With An Edge”

28 large prints and a slideshow with 200 of my best pictures

Juli - August, 2015.

Elsebråne Retreat Center, Blekinge, Sweden

Female Beauty

10 piece 80x120cm prints.

May 2015 - permanent exhibition.

Vandkulturhuset DGI byen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Female Beauty

12 piece 80x120cm prints

March & April 2015.


“Female Beauty - Celebration of the Feminine” 

Published in March 2019, 800 pages (Livskvalitetsforlaget 2019, EAN 9788790190354/ ISBN 978-87-90190-35-4)

“Female Beauty. Min Fotokunst”

Published in March 2015.

The books are in danish libraries and for sale at online webshops: https://www.saxo.com/dk/female-beauty-min-fotokunst_mathilde-grafstroem_haeftet_9788790190477

To read an online review from the major danish newspaper, please go to: https://jyllands-posten.dk/protected/premium/kultur/anmeldelser/litteratur/ECE8497837/hyldest-til-frisind-og-kvindekroppen

Estimate of the Female Beauty Project’s impact on culture in Denmark and abroad 2014-2019:


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Quotes from the media:


Daily Mail (UK):


“Art: Danish photographer and artist Mathilde Grafstrom has hit out at the police decision to stop her photo exhibition of naked women in Copenhagen”


Jyllands Posten (DK):


"When she plays with the light and the shadows and lets the female body show her beauty in interaction with the natural environments she photographs the models in, one fascinates the photographic and artistic sense.”


Volo Magazine (US):


“Photographer Mathilde Grafström, a danish artist with a passion for nude photography recently scored a defining win for the artistic value of photographic nudes with her public photography exhibition titled ‘Female Beauty’.”


FIB: Masters of photography:


“Danish photographer Mathilde Grafström’s work is simple: she photographs women naked in forests to combat body image issues. Her series, Female Beauty, reveals the splendour of women at home in nature.”


Dekit Art Magazine:


“This young photographer has dared to be daring, refusing to let anyone stand in her way. “


Q Magazine:


“Mathilde Grafström, who, with her image series of naked women, helps to change women's critical view of their bodies. Thus, several of the women have had a positive view of their own body after working as a model for Mathilde Grafström.”




“Over the past few days, more than 100 foreign media have brought the story of Danish art photographer Mathilde Grafström. She has become one of the most famous and most sophisticated Danish artists.”​​

Estimate of the Female Beauty Project’s impact on culture in Denmark and abroad  (2014-2019)

List of articles from 2015 - 2019



Alt for Damerne: “This is how Mathilde broke free of her depression/Sådan kom Mathilde ud af sin depression”.

Woman.dk: Article: “11 Natural and naked women/11 Naturlige og nøgne kvindekroppe”


Hendes Verden Magazine: Printet, number 30. Article: “It’s not about being perfect!/Det handler for pokker ikke om at være perfekt!”

TV2Lorry News - New exhibition, personal interview

TV2Lorry News - Vandalism of my art, personal interview

TV2Lorry News - New exhibition, rebroadcast in all regions, showed daily.
Tv2Lorry, vandalism:

Interviews from Lokalavisen/The Local Paper:

July 31:
“- Female Master Photographer: Nude women like you have never seen them before:
Mathilde Grafström photographs young normal women for the exhibition ‘Female Beauty With An Edge’/Nøgne kvinder som du aldrig har set dem før: Mathilde Grafström fotograferer unge almindelige kvinder Det er blevet til udstillingen "Female Beauty With An Edge"

July 24th
“- Mathilde: How I get women to take off their clothes and open themselves up to me: How do you persuade an ordinary woman to participate as a nude model in a photo exhibition, where she is going to expose her sexuality?/Mathilde: Sådan får jeg kvinder til at smide tøjet og åbne sig: Hvordan får man overtalt en helt almindelig kvinde til at deltage som nøgenmodel i en fotoudstilling, hvor hun skal vise sin seksualitet?”

July 22nd:
“- Resistance against the display of naked women: The young female artist and photographer, Mathilde Grafström, currently exhibits a series of pictures of normal nude women on the large art boat Illutron, located at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen Harbor./-Angreb mod udstilling af nøgne kvinder: Den unge kvindelige kunstner og fotograf, Mathilde Grafström, udstiller for tiden en række billeder af normale nøgne kvinder på den store kunstnerbåd Illutron, som ligger ved Refshaleøen i Københavns Havn”

July 16:

“- Here's the real thing: See the beautiful, naked women - photographed by a female photographer
Look closely at these images of naked women. They are genuine, they are beautiful, and they are unmanned pictures of naked women - and they are photographed by a female professional photographer who now exhibits them. No manipulation. The real thing./Her er den ægte vare: Se de smukke, nøgne kvinder - fotograferet af kvindelig fotograf: Se godt på denne billedserie af nøgne kvinder. De er ægte, de er smukke, og det er umanipulerede billeder af nøgne kvinder - og de er fotograferet af en kvindelig, professionel fotograf, som nu udstiller dem. Ingen fusk. Den ægte vare”


“- See the most beautiful, sexy nude women: Female photo art in top class
Mathilde Grafström photographs young ordinary women It has become the exhibition "Female Beauty With An Edge./Se de smukkeste, sexede nøgne kvinder: Kvindelig fotokunst i topklasse
Mathilde Grafström fotograferer unge almindelige kvinder Det er blevet til udstillingen "Female Beauty With An Edge"”

July 26
Video interview, Lokalavisen.

All Local Paper articles online: http://www.lokalavisen.dk/apps/pbcs.dll/search?x=0&y=0&crit=mathilde+Grafstr%F6m&SearchProfile=1009


Lokalavisen Frederiksberg: “Naked mutiny/Nøgen Mytteri”


Eurowoman: “Her er billederne du ikke må se/Here are the pictures you are not allowed to see”

Frederiksberg Lokalavis, “Forbudte Fotos/Forbidden Photo’s”:

Lokalavisen.dk: “Frækkere end politiet tillader: Her er de forbudte billeder/More naughty that the police can allow”

Radio 24syv, Radioprogram about the censorship of my art, 26th of october 2015

Radio P1 Apropos, about nudity and neo puritanism in Denmark, 27th of october 2015.


Metroxpress: “Mathildes billeder for frække til København: Censureret af politiet/Mathilde’s pictures too hot for Copenhagen: Consored by the police”


Ekstrabladet.dk: “Politiet forbød disse billeder, for frække til København/The police stopped these pictures, they were too naughty for Copenhagen

Localeyes: “Kvindekunst sidestillet med porno og forbudt/This female art is blamed to be porn and now forbidden”

Radio P1 eftermiddag: Interview about my exhibition in Sæby, (time: 14:00-14:12) d. 20 nov 2015

Radio P4 eftermiddag, Interview about my exhibition in Sæby d. 20 nov 2015

Q-Magazine Printed magazine: “Jeg får kvinder til at indse, hvor smukke de er/I make women realize how beautiful they are”. 5 pages article about the female beauty photos, in the printed November edition.

Online article at www.Q.dk: “Jeg får kvinder til at indse, hvor smukke de er/I make women realize how beautiful they are”

Sæby Lokalavis: “The forbidden naked pictures in Gallery Valdemar/De forbudte nøgenbilleder nu i Galleri Valdemar"

Journalistforbundet (Union of journalists in Denmark):
Brings a photo in their printed magazine (Nr. 10 2015)

TV2Nord.dk: “Photo exhibition with naked photos was removed by the police, now it is on its way to Sæby/Fotoudstilling med nøgenfotos blev fjernet af politiet nu er den på vej til Sæby”

Nordjyske.dk: “Why is this banned?/Hvorfor er dét forbudt?”


Danish articles:

Jyllands Posten: “Danish prohibition of nakedness causes a sensation abroad/Dansk nøgenforbud vækker opsigt i udlandet”

Jyllands Posten: “Politicians on prohibition of nakedness: Far out and absurd!/Politikere om nøgenforbud: Langt ude og absurd!”

Tv2.dk: “Danish artist is denied to show naked women: Now police detects her bus advertisements!/Dansk kunstner nægtet at udstille nøgne kvinder: Nu politianmelder hun busreklamer!”

Jyllands Posten: Briefing: “In Copenhagen, photographer Mathilde Grafström has got a no/ i København har fotokunstneren Mathilde Grafström fået nej”

Artpopoli: “Photo artist rapports breast advertisements to the police/Fotokunstner politianmelder brystreklamer”

Lokalvisen.dk: “Prohibited by the police in Copenhagen: Now she shows her nude pictures here/Forbudt af politiet i København: Nu viser hun sine nøgenbilleder her”

Lokalavisen: “Female photographer seeks more women/Kvindelig fotograf søger flere kvinder”

Interview for radio 24syv Morgen, December 18th

December 23
TV show Go’ Aften Danmark together with Jaleh Tavakoli. We talk about the censorship of art.

December 25
Lokalavisen: “Mathilde's nude pictures go around the world: More naughty than the Danish police allows/Mathildes nøgenbilleder går verden rundt: Frækkere end dansk politi tillader”

Sdf.dk Photo Magazine:

International articles:

NY Times (nytlive.nytimes.com):
“Copenhagen police shut down “offensive” photography exhibition of female nudes.”

Independent: “Police shut down photo exhibition”

Independent: “Danish police backtrack on banning artist’s photos of naked, natural women”

Daily Mail: “Too indecent for the public square”

Mirror: “Nude photography exhibition aimed at promoting positive female body image shut down for being indecent.”


Huffington Post: “Artist's Fury After 'Female Beauty' Exhibition Combatting Negative Body Image Is Denied By Police”

Unilad.co.uk: “Police was not happy with this nude public photo exhibition”

El Mundo: “An exhibition on the naked body of the woman, vetoed in Denmark by 'indecent'/Una exposición sobre el cuerpo desnudo de la mujer, vetada en Dinamarca por 'indecente'”

Maxim.com: “We interviewed the photographer who’s nude photo’s are shocking Denmark”

Mic.com: “This Body-Positive Nude Photo Exhibit Was Shut Down For Being "Indecent"”

Informalia.eleconomista.es: “A photographic exhibition banned in Denmark for being “Indecent”/Vetada en Dinamarca una exposición fotográfica por "indecente"”

Sudinfo.be: “A Danish woman can not expose her nude pictures because of the character of them was considered indecent/Une Danoise ne peut pas exposer ses photos de nu à cause du caractère jugé indécent de son travail”

Click.ro: “Nude Photo Exhibition, Prohibited by the Police!/Expoziție de fotografii nud, interzisă de Poliție! Cum arată pozele”

7sur7: “Are these pictures indecent?/Ces photos sont-elles indécentes?”

Onedio: “Photograph exhibition not even closely obscene, is closed by police in Denmark/Danimarka'da Bile Müstehcen Bulunup Polis Baskınıyla Kapatılan Fotoğraf Sergisi”


Domingoeluniversal.mx: “Closing exhibition about women’s bodies for being "indecent"/Cierran Exposición sobre el cuerpo de la mujer por “Indecente”

HLN.be: “"To Obsceen": The police prohibit photos that just want to honor the naked women's body/"Te obsceen": politie verbiedt foto's die het naakte vrouwenlichaam net willen eren”

Popaganda.gr: ”The Danish police banned a photographic exhibition with naked women,
It was considered indecent - causing the rage of photographer Mathilde Grafström.
/Η αστυνομία της Δανίας απαγόρευσε φωτογραφική έκθεση με γυμνές γυναίκες
Θεωρήθηκε άσεμνη προκαλώντας την οργή της φωτογράφου Mathilde Grafström.”

Dagbladet.no: “Danish nude artist rapports breast advertisements to the police/Dansk nøgenkunstner anmelder puppereklame på bus”

Echo24.cz: “Police have banned the exhibition of women's poses without makeup and photoshop/,Neslušné.‘ Policie zakázala výstavu aktů žen bez makeupu a photoshopu”

Milliyet.com.tr: “They dresses off for art, but ...
Danish photographer Mathilde Grafström marked the day with a photo exhibition in her country in the capital Copenhagen./Sanat için soyundular ama...
Danimarkalı fotoğrafçı Mathilde Grafström, ülkesinin başkenti Kopenhag'da düzenlediği fotoğraf sergisiyle gündeme damga vurdu.”

Estiujsag.hu: “They banned an artistic photo exhibition/Betiltottak egy művészi akt-fotókiállítást

Posta.com.tr: “They dresses off for art, but ...
Danish photographer Mathilde Grafström marked the day with a photo exhibition in her country in the capital Copenhagen./Sanat için soyundular ama...
Danimarkalı fotoğrafçı Mathilde Grafström, ülkesinin başkenti Kopenhag'da düzenlediği fotoğraf sergisiyle gündeme damga vurdu.”


Abc.es: “The Danish police closes an exhibition on the body of the woman for being "indecent"/La policía danesa cierra una exposición sobre el cuerpo de la mujer por ser «indecente»”

Time-az.com: “Because they are "indecent", the police closed the naked natural female photo exhibition/それらが『無作法』なので、警察は裸の自然な女性の写真展示会を閉鎖 (japanese)

Bursadabugun.com: “Naked police interrupted … The Danish photographer Mathilde Grafström marked the day with his exhibition in his country's capital Copenhagen!/Çıplak sanata polis engeli… Danimarkalı fotoğrafçı Mathilde Grafström, ülkesinin başkenti Kopenhag'da düzenlediği sergiyle gündeme damga vurdu!

Kosovapress.com: “Policia nuk lejon ekspozitën e femrave lakuriq/Police do not allow the exhibition of naked women” http://www.kosovapress.com/sq/lifestyle/policia-nuk-lejon-ekspoziten-e-femrave-lakuriq-foto-18-59799/

Faktor.hu: “Naked women in the woods - banned
Mathilde Grafström, a Danish photographer, wanted to exhibit photos of Danish women nude in nature. The purpose of the exhibition was to reduce the negative self-image and draw attention to the beauty of the female body./Meztelen nők az erdőben - betiltották.
Mathilde Grafström, dán fotóművész olyan fotókat szeretett volna kiállítani, amelyeken dán nők vannak meztelenül lefényképezve a természetben. A kiállítás célja az lett volna, hogy a negatív énképet csökkentse, és felhívja a női test szépségeire a figyelmet. (Hungarian)

Cnewsmatin.fr: “An exhibition showing naked women banned in Copenhagen/Une exposition montrant des femmes nues interdite à Copenhague”

Botapress.info: “Unbelievable: This artistic exhibition was not even allowed in Denmark!/E pabesueshme: Kjo ekspozitë artistike s’u lejua as në Danimarkë!”

Lexo.al: “Police do not allow the exhibition of naked women/Policia nuk lejon ekspozitën e femrave lakuriq”

sanatatak.com: “Police does not allow exhibition of naked women/POLİS ÇIPLAK KADIN FOTOĞRAFLI SERGİYE İZİN VERMEDİ”

Capitalgrio.com: “Police shut down photo exhibition of naked women because they’re too ‘indecent’ for display in public square“

Merca20.com: “For being 'indecent' a veto is on for not exposing the naked bodies of women in Denmark/Por ‘indecente’ vetan exposición sobre el cuerpå desnudo de la mujer en Dinamarca”

M-x.com.mx: “authorities of Denmark forbids exposing female beauty photographs for being indecent and offensive/Autoridades de Dinamarca prohiben la exposicion fotografica female beauty por indecente y ofensiva”

Metronieuws.nl: “Shame! Denmark forbids photo series of naked ladies/Schande! Denemarken verbiedt fotoserie naakte dames”

Jiecao.fm: “Is it damaging? You want to see her with the eyes of art. A photographic exhibition against a negative self-image at a square in Copenhagen was halted by the police.
二舅今天学习了吗  20个月前

Setn.com: Is figure art obscene? Photographer’s nude beauty exhibition was rejected/圖/藝術還是猥褻?攝影師辦裸女之美展遭拒 (chinese)”

Insight.co.kr: “'Nude exhibition' (photo), was forcibly closed due to 'lewdness'/'음란하다'는 이유로 강제 폐쇄 당한 '누드 전시회' (사진) (korean)”

Ettoday.net: “is this art obscene? Danish public exhibition of naked women accused of being obscene/藝術還是猥褻?丹麥女開攝影展 裸女照被控猥褻(chinese)”

Cretanmagazine.gr: “Nude photographing forbidden by the police in Denmark/Η γυμνή φωτογράφιση που εξόργισε την Αστυνομία στη Δανία (greek)”

Penna.gr: “The nudes that triggered Denmark/Τα γυμνά που σκανδάλισαν τη Δανία (greek)”

Lifo.gr: “Denmark: Police closes exhibition about the female body because they find it "offensive" And the photographer reacts by reporting a "plastic" breast advertisement to police/Δανία: Η αστυνομία κλείνει έκθεση για το γυναικείο σώμα γιατί τη βρίσκει "προσβλητική" Και η φωτογράφος αντιδρά δείχνοντας μια διαφήμιση με "πλαστικό" στήθος”

International.sindonews: “Offensive: Nude photo exhibition in Denmark Closed/Ofensif, Pameran Foto Perempuan Telanjang di Denmark Ditutup (Indonesian)

Retecool.com: “These photo’s did not make it in Denmark/DEZE FOTO’S MOGEN IN DENEMARKEN NIET”

Nownews.com: “Art? Abscene? These naked women are accused of being obscene/藝術?猥褻? 這些裸女照被控猥褻”

Ene-naturismo.org: “MATHILDE GRAFSTRÖM
The way this Danish photographer is working is particular/MATHILDE GRAFSTRÖM
La forma de trabajar de esta fotógrafa danesa es particular“

Allaksogolies.gr: “The police closed a report with naked pictures of women because they were "obscene"/Η αστυνομία έκλεισε έκθεση με γυμνές φωτογραφίες γυναικών επειδή ήταν «άσεμνες»”

Cascaraamarga.es: “They censor an exhibition of naked woman for being "indecent and offensive"/Censuran una exposición sobre el desnudo de la mujer por "indecente y ofensiva"”

Athensmagazine.gr: “Normal women in nature: The photo exhibition that shook the internet/Καθημερινές γυναίκες στην φύση: Η έκθεση φωτογραφίας που σόκαρε το διαδίκτυο”


Italyjournal: “Grafström, if the nude is offensive/Grafström, se il nudo è offensivo”

Adnkronos: “"It's indecent", closed photographic exhibition on female self-consciousness/"E' indecente", chiusa mostra fotografica sull'autocoscienza del corpo femminile”

Magazinedelledonne: “Female nude photos: censored the exhibition in Denmark/Foto nudi femminili: censurata la mostra in Danimarca

Dagospia: “Art obcene?!/ARTE OSCENA?!

Mifacciodicultura: “Censored the nude art about female self-consciousness indecent/Censurati i nudi sull’autocoscienza femminile perché indecenti”

Secolo-trentino.com: “Denmark says no to nudity, censored photographic exhibition/La Danimarca dice no al nudismo, censurata mostra fotografica”

Unilazio.it: “Denmark says no to nudity, censored photographic exhibition/La Danimarca dice no al nudismo, censurata mostra fotografica”


Theguiltycode.com: “Mathilde Grafstrom and the nudes in Denmark censored/MATHILDE GRAFSTROM Y LOS DESNUDOS QUE DINAMARCA CENSURÓ”

www.xatakafoto.com: “The Danish police closed the last exhibition by Mathilde Grafström for being "indecent"/La policia danesa clausura la última exposición de Mathilde Grafström por ser "indecente"”

Focusfoto.com.br (Brazil): “Denmark prohibits exposure of photographs with naked women/Dinamarca proíbe exposição de fotografias com mulheres nuas”

Culturart.pt (portugal): “Danish police prevented the exhibition of the artist Mathilde Grafström, that would be shown in Copenhagen because the images showed naked women/A polícia dinamarquesa impediu a exposição de um trabalho da artista Mathilde Grafström que seria mostrado em Copenhaga porque as imagens mostravam mulheres nuas.”

Insight.co.kr (Korea): “'Nude exhibition' (photo), which was forcibly closed due to 'lewdness'/'음란하다'는 이유로 강제 폐쇄 당한 '누드 전시회' (사진)”

News.joins.com (Korea): 'Nude exhibition' forced to shut down, why?/강제 폐쇄 당한 '누드 전시회', 이유가?”

Theguiltycode.com: “To the surprise of many, one of the countries that is famous for openness when it comes to sexuality, ended up censoring these images. Besides being beautiful, the truth is that we see nothing wrong./Para sorpresa de muchos, uno de los países que es vanguardia cuando de sexualidad y apertura media´tica se trata, terminó por censurar estas imágenes que, además de ser hermosas, la verdad que nos les vemos nada de malo.”

Observador.pt: “Denmark prohibits showing photographs with naked women/Dinamarca proíbe exposição de fotografias com mulheres nuas”

Meneame.net: “The Danish police closed the last exhibition by Mathilde Grafström for being "indecent"/La policia danesa clausura la última exposición de Mathilde Grafström por ser "indecente"”

Comunicaguadalajara.com: “The nude in the wild: Mathilde Grafström/El desnudo en la naturaleza: Mathilde Grafström”

Viralmozo: “‘Indecent’ or just plain art?/

Vizadrone.com: “Police shut down Mathilde Grafstrom’s photo exhibition of naked women”http://www.vizadrone.com/police-shut-down-mathilde-grafstroms-photo-exhibition-of-naked-women/



Setn.com: “Is figure/art obscene? Photographer who do nude beauty exhibition was rejected/圖/藝術還是猥褻?攝影師辦裸女之美展遭拒”

Subreddit.com: “X-post from r/art: Police shut down photo exhibition of naked natural women because they’re ‘indecent’. 2015 NSFW”https://m.reddit.com/r/TwoXChromosomes/comments/3xm8lf/xpost_from_rart_police_shut_down_photo_exhibition/


www.posta.com.tr: “They are descendants for art, but ...
Danish photographer Mathilde Grafström marked the day with her photo exhibition in her country in the capital Copenhagen
/Sanat için soyundular ama...
Danimarkalı fotoğrafçı Mathilde Grafström, ülkesinin başkenti Kopenhag'da düzenlediği fotoğraf sergisiyle gündeme damga vurdu

Filadelfia-xalkidona.gr: “The "Forbidden Photography" with naked normal women in nature! (photos)/Η «Απαγορευμένη φωτογράφιση» με γυμνές καθημερινές γυναίκες στη φύση! (photos)”

www.mansworld.co: “Mathilde Grafström is fighting censorship the best way she knows how”

Klik.gr: “Ten of the "forbidden" photos of the Danish Mathilde Grafstrom!/Δέκα από τις «απαγορευμένες» φωτογραφίες της Δανής Mathilde Grafstrοm!”

Sanatatak.com: ”Police do not allow naked women photo exhibition/POLİS ÇIPLAK KADIN FOTOĞRAFLI SERGİYE İZİN VERMEDİ”


Cellar.org: “*NSFW (Thread Has Nudity)* Photo Exhibition Shut Down in Copenhagen”

Telegrafi.com: “Police did not allow nude women (Photo 18+)/Policia nuk lejon ekspozitën e femrave lakuriq (Foto 18+)”

Enational.ro: “Photographic exhibition banned in Copenhagen: little indecisiveness!/Expozitie foto interzisa la Copenhaga: putin spus indecenta!”


Newsbomb.al: “It was an exhibition with a positive goal, but this is what happened (photo)/DUHET TË ISHTE VETËM NJË EKSPOZITË NUDO ME QËLLIM POZITIV, POR JA ÇFARË NDODHI (FOTO)”

News.ltn.com.tw: “The photographer exhibited art and is being controlled by the police/攝影師展出藝術照 竟被警方控猥褻(chinese)”

Georgeknightlang.wordpress.com: “About old and new breasts. Naked pictures of Mathilde Grafström removed but bus announcements are not/Over oude en nieuwe borsten. Naaktfoto’s van Mathilde Grafström verwijderd, maar busreclames niet”

Eldigitalcastillalamancha.es: “The provocative exhibition of the naked body of woman that has been banned in Denmark/La provocativa exposición sobre el cuerpo desnudo de la mujer que ha sido prohibida en Dinamarca”

Bota Press: “Unbelievable: This artistic exhibition was not even allowed in Denmark! (+18)/E pabesueshme: Kjo ekspozitë artistike s’u lejua as në Danimarkë! (+18)”

Voicenews.gr: “Police are out of her bare snapshots ...Photographer Mathilde Grafström made a photo exhibition.../Έξαλλη η αστυνομία από τις γυμνές φωτογραφήσεις της… Η φωτογράφος Mathilde Grafström έκανε μία έκθεση φωτογραφίας ...

Blazingcatfur: “Police Shut Down Photo Exhibition Of Naked Women Because They’re Too ‘Indecent’ For Display In Public Square”

Tuned.gr: “The photo exhibition with naked women who drowned in Denmark/Η έκθεση φωτογραφίας με ολόγυμνες γυναίκες που σόκαρε τη Δανία”

Lefkaslive.blogspot.com: “The Women's Photography Exhibition that shocked Denmark - Photo Reportage/Η Έκθεση Φωτογραφίας με Ολόγυμνες Γυναίκες που Σόκαρε τη Δανία - Φώτο Ρεπορτάζ”

Pes.gr: “The "Feminine Beauty" !! [photos]/Η “Θηλυκή ομορφιά”!! [photos]”

Click.ro: “Nude Photo Exhibition, Prohibited by the Police! Here is the pictures/Expoziție de fotografii nud, interzisă de Poliție! Cum arată pozele”

Kalamatatimes.gr: “Normal women in nature: Photo exhibition that shook the internet (PHOTOS)/Καθημερινές γυναίκες στην φύση: Η έκθεση φωτογραφίας που σόκαρε το διαδίκτυο (PHOTOS)”

Ettoday.net: “Art is obscene? Danish woman opens photography exhibition of naked of women and accused of obscene/藝術還是猥褻?丹麥女開攝影展 裸女照被控猥褻”

E123.hk : “An artist in Denmark plans to show women naked on a square in the capital city Copenhagen, hoping to encourage women to accept themselves, but the police means that the photos are indecent and are now prohibited./【明报专讯】丹麦一名艺术家计划在首都哥本哈根一个广场上展出女性裸照,盼鼓励女性接纳自我,惟警方指照片不雅,禁止展出。

My.cnninternasional.co: “Danish nude photographer exhibit to promote female body image, shut down”

Life.mingpao.com: “Naked exhibition in public square by danish photographer shut down/丹麥藝術家廣場展裸照被禁”

Plasticnews.wf: “Danish photography nude photo exhibition banned by "police"/丹麥攝影師 裸女照廣場展覽被警方「封舖”

Arenafm.gr: “The photo exhibition with naked women who shook Denmark (pics)/Η έκθεση φωτογραφίας με ολόγυμνες γυναίκες που σόκαρε τη Δανία (pics)”

Diacaf.com: “Photo exhibition forbidden in Copenhagen, they said it’s obscene!/Expozitie foto interzisa la Copenhaga: putin spus indecenta!”


Ck101.com: “Art or Erotic? Photography exhibition was banned just because of these nude photos/藝術還是情色?攝影展遭禁開 只因這些裸女照片”

Fbwall.amassly.com: “Art? Obscene? These naked women are accused of obscenity/藝術?猥褻? 這些裸女照被控猥褻”

Time.al: “Police do not allow exhibition of nude women/Policia nuk lejon ekspozitën e femrave lakuriq”

Tumblr.com/tagged/nownews: “Art? Obscene? These naked women are accused of obscenity/藝術?猥褻? 這些裸女照被控猥褻”



Danish Media:

Politiken.dk: Online picture gallery and article: “Artist gets a new chance of exhibiting her photographs in the public space again/Kunstner får en ny chance for at få sine nøgenbilleder ud i byrummet”

Jyllands Posten “Mathilde Grafström try again to exhibit her pictures in the public space/Mathilde Grafström vil atter forsøge at få sine nøgenbilleder udstillet i byrummet”

MetroXpress: “Mathildes nude photos are not allowed in Copenhagen, now she will try again/Mathildes nøgenfotos måtte ikke hænge i København: Nu prøver hun igen”.


Balletmagnifique (blog): “Naked study (Homage to Jaleh Tavakoli, Mathilde Grafström, Michael Drost-Hansen and Copenhagen Police)/Nøgenstudie (Homage til Jaleh Tavakoli, Mathilde Grafström, Michael Drost-Hansen og Københavns Politi)”

International media:

Monopol-magazin.de: “You are looked at like a pervert./Man wird angeschaut wie eine Perverse.”

Maxim.com “See the nude photos that were almost to shocking for Denmark”https://www.maxim.com/tag/mathilde-grafstrm

Gonzotoday: “When is Art ‘Porn’ & when is it too “obscene” to be seen?“

artsfreedom.org: “Denmark: Ban reversed on nude photo exhibit“

Unilazio.it: “Denmark says no to nudism, censored photographic exhibition/La Danimarca dice no al nudismo, censurata mostra fotografica”



Independent “Danish police backtrack on banning artist’s photos of naked, natural women”

Article in Dazed Art Magazine “The photographer teaching women to feel beautiful naked”

Dekit Art magazine “Mathilde Grafström’s bold “Female Beauty”

F.I.B. (Fashion Industri Broadcast) Masters Of Photography, “Photographer Mathilde Grafström is Promoting Body Positivity with Her Nude Portraits”

Zeitjung “Diese Fotografin hilft Frauen, sich nackt schön zu fühlen”

Lokalavisen.dk: “Nude wonderful natural women, now you can experience them in print”

Kuzey news: “The man is the hunter, the woman his pray”



Berlingske: front page + double page in the culture section "Mathilde photographs naked women: "We’ve got a puritanistic attitude towards the body/Mathilde fotograferer nøgne kvinder: Vi har fået en snerpet holdning til kroppen"

Woman Magazine: “Beauty is a state we can all reach/Skønhed er en tilstand som alle kvinder let kan opnå”: http://woman.dk/dit-liv/skoenhed-er-en-tilstand-som-alle-kvinder-let-kan-opnaa#slide=2

Jyllands Posten: Review of my book “Female Beauty. My Photo Art/Female Beauty - Min Fotokunst” called “A Tribute to a free mind and the female body/Hyldest til frisind og kvindekroppen”: http://www.jyllands-posten.dk/protected/premium/kultur/anmeldelser/litteratur/ECE8497837/hyldest-til-frisind-og-kvindekroppen/

Radio24syv: 25 minute interview in “AK with Mads Østergaard” . I talk about the problems with becoming an artist in Denmark.

Cultura colectiva - Art magazine for Mexico and Latin America: “The photographer who was censored for exploring the nude in nature/La fotógrafa que fue censurada por explorar el desnudo en la naturaleza”. (This article was shared on facebook over 14.300 times during 5 days.)

DR2 Tema TV show called “Breasts, buttocks and puritanism/Bryster, baller og blufærdighed”.

Comunicacarmen.com.mx: “The nude in the wild: Mathilde Grafström/El desnudo en la naturaleza: Mathilde Grafström”

Chidoychale.mx: “Mathilde Grafström, the photographer who shows nudity and nature (GALLERY)/Mathilde Grafström, la fotógrafa que muestra desnudos y naturaleza (GALERÍA)”

Christianshavneren: “Female Beauty in Copenhagen/Female Beauty i København”


Contadorharrison’s Blog: “Showing beauty through the lens”.


Berlingske: “The townhall of Copenhagen says yes to naked women at the Nytorv town square/Københavns Kommune siger ja til nøgne kvinder på Nytorv

Lokalavisen: Victory for common sense: “Now she will be allowed to show her naked pictures publicly/Fornuften sejrede: Nu får hun lov til at vise sine nøgenbilleder offentligt”

AOK: “The municipality of Copenhagen says yes to naked women at Nytorv/Københavns Kommune siger ja til nøgne kvinder på Nytorv”

Jyllandsposten: “Prohibition continues: Photographer has to censor her exhibition/Nøgenforbuddet fortsætter: Fotograf skal censurere kunstudstilling”

Politiken: “Danish police asks artist to censor her naked art exhibition/Politiet beder kunstner censurere sin nøgenudstilling”

TV2 national News: Artist’s fury over censorship: Have a look at the pictures that are too much for the streets of Copenhagen/Kunstner vred over censur: Se billederne, der er for frække til Københavns gader”

Nettavisen.no: “Photographer is forced to censor her art: - Grotesque/Fotograf pålegges selvsensur: - Grotesk”

Avisen.dk: “Porn or not? Nude women are exhibited in Copenhagen/Porno eller ej? Nøgne kvinder udstilles i København”

Sol.dk: “See the naughty pictures that the police want to censor/Se de frække billeder, politiet vil censurere”

Lokalavisen: “Mathilde must not show female genitals: "The Danish free-spirit is stone dead"/Mathilde må ikke vise kvindelige kønsdele: "Det danske frisind er stendødt"”


News.dk: “The municipality of Copenhagen says yes to naked women at Nytorv/Københavns Kommune siger ja til nøgne kvinder på Nytorv”

Sh-ugeavisen.dk (Schlegswig-Holstein, Germany): “Nude prohibition: Photographer must censor her art exhibition/Nacktverbot: Fotografin soll ihre Kunstausstellung zensieren”

Youtube video: “Naked photo exhibition is off the Danish square/Triển lãm ảnh khỏa thân bị dỡ khỏi quảng trường Đan Mạch(vietnamese)”

Giaitri.vnexpress.net: “Naked photo exhibition is off the Danish square/Triển lãm ảnh khỏa thân bị dỡ khỏi quảng trường Đan Mạch(vietnamese)”


Radio: P1 interview, Theme: The naked girl at page 9 in “EkstraBladet”

TV2 news: - The 7PM evening news tells the story about the chief of police’s backtracking on censorship.

Nyheder24.se: “Mathilde’s pictures was too much, now they can not be shown in Copenhagen/Mathildes bilder blev för mycket – fick inte ställas ut i Danmark”

Tv2 News: “Naked women in the middle of Copenhagen: This is why we take off the clothes/Nøgne kvinder midt i København: Derfor smider vi tøjet”

DR1 “Aftenshowet/The evening Show”:

TV2 Go' Aften Danmark: Nude model: this is why I undressed in the streets of Copenhagen/Nøgenmodel: Derfor smed jeg tøjet midt i København”

Tv2Lorry: “Minister of Culture, Bertel Haarder, is fighting for art and naked breasts/Bertel Haarder kæmper for kunst og bare bryster”

Jyllandsposten TV: “Visit the naked exhibition, where naked breasts and buttocks took over New Square in Copenhagen/Se nøgenudstillingen, hvor bare bryster og baller indtog Nytorvet i Indre København”

Berlingske (Leader): “The naked truth/Den nøgne sandhed”
»Let’s not be more puritanistic than necessary, especially not on other’s behalf”

Jyllandsposten: “Bertel Haarder cut the string to Mathilde’s photo exhibition of naked women/Bertel Haarder klippede snoren til Mathilde Grafströms fotoudstilling af nøgne kvinder”

Jyllandsposten: “Minister of Culture supports nude art photographer/Kulturministeren bakker nøgenfotograf op”

DR.dk: “Exhibition of naked women are dividing the opinions/Udstilling af nøgenbilleder midt i København deler vandene”

Finans.dk: Bertel Haarder “Bertel Haarder cut the string to Mathilde’s photo exhibition of naked women/Bertel Haarder klippede snoren til Mathilde Grafströms fotoudstilling af nøgne kvinder”

The Local: “Nude photo exhibition opens in Copenhagen”

Kvällsposten: “After the censur - now the pictures are exhibited/Efter censuren – nu ställs nakenbilderna ut”

Ektenyheter.no: “Photographer is forced to censor/Fotograf pålegges selvsensur“

Huffpost: (Picture in gallery)

Odense.black/dk: “Exhibition of nude pictures in central Copenhagen divides the waters/Udstilling af nøgenbilleder midt i København deler vandene”

Expressen.se: “After the censorship - now the nude pictures are set/Efter censuren – nu ställs nakenbilderna ut”

Lapatilla.com: (Picture gallery)

dq.yam.com: “Denmark - the beauty of women/丹麥─女體之美”

Politiken Culture: “Good intentions can not save nude exhibitions at Nytorv/Gode intentioner kan ikke redde nøgenudstilling på Nytorv”

Column Jyllands Posten: “The naked shame, nudity lost it’s innocence/Den nøgne skam, nøgenhed har mistet sin uskyld”
Printet version

Lokalavisen: “Naked riot in the middle of Copenhagen pedestrian street/Splitternøgent oprør midt på Strøget: Viste tisse.... og bryster i protest”

Lokalavisen: “Naked in the middle of Copenhagen: They will strip on monday/Nøgen midt i København: De smider tøjet på mandag”

Artsfreedom.org: “Denmark/USA: Artists censored in public spaces”

Naturister.dk: “Naked event in New Square”

Cphpost.dk: “Controversial nude photo exhibition opens in Copenhagen”


Ekstra Bladet: “Naked exhibition ruined by vandalism/Nøgen-udstilling ødelagt af hærværk”

Jyllands Posten: “Vandalism forces artist to close down her exhibition/Hærværk tvinger omdiskuteret udstilling til at lukke”

Eurowoman: “About one’s own to the body - art in the name of nakedness/Om retten til sin egen krop – nøgenhed i kunstens navn”

MetroXpress: “Photographer changes her mind: She takes pictures down of the 22 year old Ida/Fotograf trækker i land: fjerner nøgenbilleder af 22-årige Ida”

Berlingske Comment: “At least I try to be an ethical person/Fotograf: Jeg forsøger i det mindste at være et etisk menneske”

Tv2.no: “Full scale photo war after nude shock/Full bildekrig etter nakensjokk.”

Information (Leader): “Liberation by force/Frigørelse ved tvang”

BT: “Nude model was raging over her naked abdomen in her photo: Now she is reported to police for vandalism/Nøgenmodel rasede over blottet underliv på foto: Nu er hun politianmeldt for hærværk”

BT: “Model wants to images removed image from controversial nude exhibition: 'You can look straight into my abdomen'/Model vil have fjernet billede fra kontroversiel nøgenudstilling: 'Man kan se direkte op i mit underliv'”

MetroXpress: “MX: 22-year-old Ida: I'm sorry to have my privates at public display/22-årige Ida: Jeg er ked af at have min f*sse til offentlig skue”


Radio: P1 Culture Saturday: About Facebook: Should art be censored? Differences between porn and art. Broadcast 17. Sep. 2016, 14:03.

Volo Magazine: “Female Beauty – A Controversial Exhibition Of Nude Photography In Copenhagen”

TV2Lorry: “After vandalism: Exhibition dropped/Efter hærværk: Fotoudstilling med nøgne kvinder droppet”

Berlingske: “Photographer gives up on photo exhibition/Fotograf opgiver nøgenudstilling efter hærværk”

Politiken: “Naked exhibition closed after vandalism/Nøgenudstilling lukker og slukker efter omfattende hærværk”

MetroXpress: “Scolded Photographer is giving up: Naked women's bodies are going down/Udskældt fotograf giver op: Nøgne kvindekroppe ryger ned”


October 26, 2016
METIER, (RUC journalist’s Magazine): »Sex organs was cut out with 30-50 blows/Kønsorganerne Blev Hakket Ud Med 30-50 Gode Hug”

Voksenlivsstil.dk. Book review: FEMALE BEAUTY – about the right to be who we are!/FEMALE BEAUTY - om retten til at være som vi er!


Girlsareawesome.com: “5 Female Photographers Redefining Violence, Sexuality and the Female Experience These brave women are spotlighting the socio-politics of identity in a captivating way.”



HBL.FI: “Nakedness is complicated/Nakenhet är komplicerat”

Information: “What about the right not to be beautiful?/Hvad med retten til ikke at være smuk?”


Maxim.com: “Honor Earth Day With 10 Sexy Women In Nature”


Eslov.se: “Yllet is alive”/Yllet lever!”(About the exhibition in Yllefakriken)


Mellanskane.lokaltidningen.se (sweden): About exhibition in Yllefakriken

Skånska Dagbladet (Skd.se): “Contemporary cultural festival in Yllefabriken/Samtida kulturfestival i Yllefabriken”


Vendelboposten: Writes about the upcoming exhibition i Hjørring city.


Jyllands Posten: “Danish nude photographer held back in Japan/Dansk Nøgenfotograf Tilbageholdt i Japan”


Ekstrabladet: “Famous, danish nude photographer held back in Japan: Interrogated for nearly 6 hours/Kendt, dansk nøgenfotograf tilbageholdt i Japan: Forhørt i næsten seks timer


Lokalavisen: “Mathilde stopped and interrogated by the police because of these pictures/Mathilde tilbageholdt og afhørt af politiet på grund af disse nøgenbilleder”



DR P1 Eftermiddag (National danish radio): “Nude-photographer arrested in Japan: Photographer Mathilde Grafström takes pictures of ordinary women without clothes. But when she recently did it in the Emperor's backyard in Japan, all hell broke loose. Grafström talks about her arrest in P1 Afternoon, which looks at the Japanese view of nakedness./Nøgenfotograf anholdt i Japan: Fotografen Mathilde Grafström tager billeder af helt almindelige kvinder uden tøj på. Men da hun for nyligt gjorde det i kejserens baghave i Japan, brød helvede løs. Grafström fortæller om sin anholdelse i P1 Eftermiddag, som kigger på japanernes syn på nøgenhed.







Destinations.com.ua (Ukraine): “On Thursday 8th March at 7pm, on International Women's Day 2018, Triptych: Global Arts Workshop will present Danish photographer Mathilde Grafström's controversial photography series, THE FEMALE BEAUTY PROJECT.”

Full article: https://destinations.com.ua/art/the-female-beauty-project-by-mathilde-grafstroem


Copenhagen Post (Printed and online news paper for the british citizens in Denmark):

“Too Prude To Go Nude?”



“Return of the naturist: Why liking your body shouldn’t be a crime”:



BT (national tabloid newspaper) “Nude photographer: Women’s reactions to my pictures reflects a problem”/"Nøgenfotograf: Kvindernes reaktion på mine billeder afspejler et problem":



BT (national tabloid newspaper): Online facebook live interview, 33 min. video + article about the viewers reactions: “Outraged by nude pictures, remove them”/"forarget over nøgenbilleder, fjern dem":



Radio “P1 på kulturen”​ podcast (interview):​ https://www.dr.dk/radio/p1/kulturen-pa-p1/kulturen-pa-p1-2019-05-06#!00:00:00


Article about the new book in the “Lokalavisen.dk” online news media:


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