About the "Female Beauty" art project

The way we feel inside, is also the way we look on the outside.


The way we experience ourselves, is also the way others experience us.

This is our negative self image: The way we see ourselves.


And this is determined by all the thoughts we are having about ourselves...: Who we are, how we behave, how we look, what we ca do and cannot do, what we want and do not want...


This is the Female Beauty project: To fight the negative self image!


- and that's the fight that all people who wants to be free, beautiful and happy, must fight.


We are our own worst enemy. 


And we must defeat this enemy to become the beautiful human beings we are meant to be.

The message:


All women have a deep and marvelous beauty that need not be compared to others, but only celebrated.


"Female Beauty" is based on the fact that all women are beautiful if they allow themselves to be. We must fight the negative self-image that most women suffer from and makes them unhappy.


"Female Beauty" is a series of photographs of ordinary women, shown naked in nature - taken to show that all women have infinite beauty if we just dare find it and share it with others.


"Female Beauty" is a love project about the body, created to inspire all women in the world to accept the body and life as it is.

The art project is a response to today's New Puritan trend that blurs society today, which is not only harmful to a whole generation of young women, but also contradicts the idea of ​​freedom and the right to be as one is.


The project requires a more inclusive and real perception of beauty. The women on my pictures are beautiful, not because they are Photo shopped, because they are not - but because they have laid their facade so you can see their spontaneous expression of life.


The exhibition is a continuation of the 2016 exhibition, and with this exhibition Denmark can once again pride itself on being one of the most liberal countries in the world.Put an end to the negative self-image! The purpose is to help women of the world to a greater self-acceptance and a more body-positive attitude.

According to the Mathilde, we sabotage our own beauty, energy and joy of life by thinking negatively about ourselves and our body, and therefore Mathilde Grafström has decided to show her art of completely natural, non-manipulated and completely innocent women's body that she believe can change the society's attitude to what beauty really is.


Often the models on the pictures are very surprised at the beauty they did not know they contained, they can even often not recognize themselves on the pictures and the shooting is therefore also a completely changing experience.

Mathilde says ”When we don't make our self small, boring and ugly with our own thoughts, we shine naturally of beauty, life and joy" she says and continues: ”All humans have more beauty in them than they realize. And it can be called forward in one days time, if we are willing to work with our self and question all our negative beliefs about our self.”


"I love to shoot my models whilst they are naked. But sometimes it can be difficult because I also fight with my own problems; I think my hips and breasts are too small. Sometimes when my boyfriend are looking at my body, I think that I'm unattractive.


But then I can see that it's all the negative thoughts about my body that makes me less beautiful and unfree. When I think harder about it, then these thoughts are not new, but very old - I came to believe this about myself early in my life as a little girl, when I didn't receive the love and care I needed from my parents.


I dreamt of being my fathers little princess, but I rarely was, so I came to believe that I was not pretty enough for him. Today I know that these thoughts are nonsense and not true. When I am weeding my inner flowerbed from old thoughts, I get really happy. And I see that I am perfect just as I am.


This is the knowledge I use when I help my models to find their beauty - and suddenly the girl that I'm working with, can let go and show herself to me. And this is the moment where she is full of life, and that makes me so happy to see. This is also when I just know that these pictures are great, because this is all it takes to look amazing.


"It's important for me that my models understand that the pictures I want to make of her, is not about how she looks physically, but about the life energi and beauty she contains. I believe that the saying, that true beauty comes from inside, is actually true, so it's not so much about the pose or position she is in when we are shooting, but more about the deeper understanding of herself, and when she gets that - the real work has begun.

Often when they see the pictures after the shooting has ended, I succeed with making women really happy for a longer period of time, when they realize that they are actually really wonderful, alive and beautiful.."

The body is sexual, the spirit is loving


There are only these two forces in us. That's all we are. Sex and consciousness: It is the essence of our lives.


But we are not conscious. And we are not sexual. And we are certainly not aware of our sexuality. Instead, we are mental, lost in our minds. We live, unconscious of our own nature and without deep acceptance of our body and our sexuality. This is our tragedy. All suffering comes from this.


Most physical and mental illnesses come from this. But we can evolve. We can wake up, we can become conscious people. We can practice accepting ourselves as we are, with a loving spirit and a sexual body.


When body and spirit meet, when sexuality becomes conscious, we become whole people with heart. Sexuality is our fundamental driving force and love is our compass.


Without sexuality we become gray, dark, black… Without love and self-insight we become ruthless, selfish, yes, downright brutal and blunt.


The woman has a special challenge because her body is at the center of both her own and her partner's attention. Where the man often has problems with the mind, most women feel that their body is not OK as it is; not at all pretty and lovely.


The female body is the most hated object in the world.


Men love women.


Women love to be loved.


This is the essence of masculine and feminine sexuality.


I wish for all women in the world that they succeed in loving their own body and accepting their own sexuality. It is this desire that has motivated me to make this project.

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