Main sponsor: Denis Viet-Jacobsen, private person:

  • Support for Japan journey

  • Support for the Ukraine journey

  • Prints for the Nytorv exhibition 2016

  • Extraordinary expenses Nytorv 2016

  • Exhibition Frederiksberg Town Hall Square 2016

  • Professional camera equipment

  • Payment of about 50 models

Øsdal Pallefirma (pallet firm):

  • Lending of pallets for a total of 3 art exhibitions, including hours of assembling and transport

The Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo:


  • Flights to Tokyo return trip


Quality of Life / Livskvalitetsforlaget (Publisher):


  • Thanks for your invaluable help and support, without which my art exhibitions and art books would never have been created.




  • Discount on print for the Nytorv 2019 exhibition.




  • Discount on print for the Nytorv 2016 exhibition.


Numerous anonymous sponsors:


  • Contribution to print for the Nytorv 2016 + 2019 exhibition


Enrique Birger Turesson Da Costa Maya:


  • Contribution to print for the Nytorv 2019 exhibition AND endless support with practical things.


Canon Denmark:


  • Loan of photographic equipment




Sponsors Wanted: If you have the opportunity to support the publication of my new book and my future work, I will be very grateful.


Thanks in advance from Mathilde Grafström

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