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Be a model in the female beauty project

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Private Female Beauty sessions

Be a model

         "During the lockdown, my body and mind had to get used to be trapped. Slowly, I can see the damage done: body and soul got twisted. I have had

this idea of "self exploration" since early 2021. Initially it was mainly to have a snapshot of my current being, to help me better understand myself and

see myself in a positive way...

..I have found Mathilde from various articles and her exhibitions. I have to say I had doubts at the beginning. 

Is this something for me? Fit into my intention?

It turned out to be one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The shooting experience itself is something remarkable - it liberates my twisted mind and opens up my inner space. On top of that, the outcome is stunning.
Looking at some of my photos, not only find I myself so beautiful, but also in a way that I never realized before."

Do you want to see how beautiful you are?

I offer nude or semi-nude, private female beauty shootings. Please send a few words about your self, and why you would like this shooting.

Practical information:

All pictures from a private session will be kept unpublished. They are for your eyes only.

The shootings always take place outdoor, in beautiful nature locations, usually within 30 min of Copenhagen.

The price is around 3500-4500kr depending on the location and your wishes for the shooting.

Are you looking for information on being paid as an art model for the Female Beauty Project, please contact me - and read more here!

Who are my models?
The mission with the art
Where will the pictures be shown?
Practical info
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