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The Female Beauty Project

The body is sexual, the spirit is loving


There are only these two forces in us. That's all we are. Sex and consciousness: It is the essence of our lives.


But we are not conscious. And we are not sexual. And we are certainly not aware of our sexuality. Instead, we are mental, lost in our minds. We live, unconscious of our own nature and without deep acceptance of our body and our sexuality. This is our tragedy. All suffering comes from this.


Most physical and mental illnesses come from this. But we can evolve. We can wake up, we can become conscious people. We can practice accepting ourselves as we are, with a loving spirit and a sexual body.


When body and spirit meet, when sexuality becomes conscious, we become whole people with heart. Sexuality is our fundamental driving force and love is our compass.


Without sexuality we become gray, dark, black… Without love and self-insight we become ruthless, selfish, yes, downright brutal and blunt.


The woman has a special challenge because her body is at the center of both her own and her partner's attention. Where the man often has problems with the mind, most women feel that their body is not OK as it is; not at all pretty and lovely.


The female body is the most hated object in the world.


Men love women.


Women love to be loved.


This is the essence of masculine and feminine sexuality.


I wish for all women in the world that they succeed in loving their own body and accepting their own sexuality. It is this desire that has motivated me to make this project.

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